To help make tax season less taxing, you will receive your tax documents online, in addition to regular mail.

Discover online tax documents

Find out how you can access your tax documents online, and find out when they will be available. Watch the video to learn more.

For more information, visit our frequently asked questions.

Get started with online tax documents

To access your tax documents from the InvestorLine website, go to My Portfolio, click on eDocuments and visit the Tax Documents tab.

More information

Paper vs online tax forms

  • All BMO InvestorLine tax documents will be available online except for T3 (Mutual Funds), Estate and QI tax documents.
  • You will still receive paper copies of all tax forms in the mail, even those you receive online (both versions are identical).
  • Later you’ll be able to opt out of receiving paper forms, if you prefer online versions only.

Timing of tax forms

  • You’ll receive each tax document online as it’s issued, not all at the same time.
  • The Documents Schedule on the same page as your tax documents will tell you when they’ll be available.

How to download tax documents

Save your tax documents to your computer individually or combine them into one PDF document.

  • To view an individual tax document, please click on the tax document name.
  • To bundle multiple documents into one PDF, use the checkboxes to select the ones you want and then click Download.

Tax document history

  • This year, you’ll see your 2017 documents only.
  • Eventually you’ll have multiple years of tax documents available online as they accumulate year after year, up to seven years.


Access your online tax documents from the InvestorLine website

  • Click on eDocuments under My Portfolio to go to the new Tax Documents tab. They are not available through the BMO InvestorLine mobile/tablet apps.

Confidentiality of tax forms

Protect the confidentiality of your tax documents. They may contain sensitive information such as your Social Insurance Number and possibly your spouse’s in the case of spousal RRSP accounts.

  • Please do not give out your account number and password to someone who is not an interested party on your account such as your accountant.
  • Please do not access your online tax documents on a public computer.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings when viewing tax documents. Be sure you’re the only one who can see them.

About your Realized Gain/Loss report

Your Gain/Loss report will help you at tax time, but you may need to review additional documentation to file your return. For assistance, please contact a tax professional.

Amendments to tax forms

  • If your tax document has been amended, you will be able to see the original and the amended version of the document online.