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BMO InvestorLine 2.0 Migration FAQS

When will the Legacy site be migrated into BMO InvestorLine 2.0?

On March 25 after 9 p.m. ET, the BMO InvestorLine Self-Directed and BMO adviceDirect Legacy sites will be merged with the BMO InvestorLine 2.0 platform. The merger date was moved from March 10 to March 25 to ensure a smooth transition of all Legacy features. We will make the transition seamless and there will be no new steps required from you. You will log in the same way you do today and then you will land on the BMO InvestorLine 2.0 Account Summary page. You will continue to have access to all pages that were previously only available on the Legacy site, including: Education, Portfolio Performance, Account Services, and Fixed Income/GIC trading. You will also be able to view your holdings in the same format that you were used to on the Legacy site through a link on the 2.0 holdings page. You'll receive an email communication notifying you of the specific date of the site merger.

Can I continue to access the Legacy site once it is migrated into BMO InvestorLine 2.0?

You will have access to all Legacy site capabilities on BMO InvestorLine 2.0 once the Legacy site is migrated. Functionality and design will also be consistent for every way you access the platform - on web, mobile, and tablet.

What will happen to my Watchlists?

On December 9th, the watchlists for your primary account were copied over to BMO InvestorLine 2.0 on your behalf. You can build new watchlists or recreate your existing ones in BMO InvestorLine 2.0 anytime.

How is the BMO InvestorLine 2.0 different than the Legacy site?

BMO InvestorLine 2.0 was created based on feedback from clients like yourself to provide an even better trading experience, more features, tools and insights on your investments. Some of the benefits you get with 2.0 are:

  • A Portfolio view with your holdings and performance aggregated from all your InvestorLine accounts. This was one of the top asks for new features based on our clients' suggestions.
  • A simplified trading experience with no trading password required for equity and option orders. This was one of the top asks for a simplified experience based on our clients' feedback.
  • A faster way to fund your account with real time cash transfers between your BMO chequing accounts and BMO InvestorLine accounts
  • An easier way to do research with new tools including a corporate calendar, a dividend income calculator, and an ETF Hub that contains quick screens, an advanced screener, and comparison tools
  • A more accurate view of your buying power with buying power updates every 5 minutes

What can I expect next once the Legacy site is migrated into BMO InvestorLine 2.0?

We appreciate that adjusting to a new platform experience will take some time and we are committed to leveling up the website experience based on your feedback.

Thank you for choosing to invest with us and for sharing the gift of your feedback on continuous improvement.