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July/August 2005 Issue

Feature Article

Investment Support Every Step of the Way

A Disciplined Approach Gets the Job Done

Online investing doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Successful online investors know having support is key to a disciplined approach to investing. It is important to have access to support every step of the way while you plan your strategy, select the investments that are right for you and continue to actively manage your investment choices.

Having the Tools and Resources You Need

BMO InvestorLine provides many types of support to keep you on the leading edge of investing strategies and current market conditions.

When you create an investment plan, Asset Allocator can help you identify your investment goals based on your investor profile. You can also use Retirement Planner in conjunction with Asset Allocator to map out a customized retirement plan.

Once your plan is in place, there are a full range of investments to choose from. Some of the resources available to help you select investments that are right for you include:

  • In-depth research and analysis on mutual funds and stocks from industry leaders, Morningstar Canada and Zacks Investment Research;
  • Exclusive access to Ranga Chand’s Heavy Hitter Select Funds and Model Portfolios to help you find the fund that is right for you; and
  • Fixed Income Online, which allows you to search, buy and sell a wide range of fixed income products.

It is important to actively manage your investment choices to ensure that they are still on track with your plan, performing optimally, and maximizing return potential in any market conditions. Online tools such as Alerts, Stop Orders, Watch Lists, and Option Chains can help you manage your portfolio providing you peace of mind.

These four principles – Plan, Select, Manage and Support are at the heart of our online approach to Guided Investing.

In addition, you have access to other educational and informative resources, including webcasts, bi-monthly InSite newsletters and interactive trading tutorials. Visit the Education Centre where you can learn about RRSPs, mutual funds, fixed income products and more.

You can attend one of the ongoing seminars to learn more about the disciplined approach to investing and valuable investment strategies. BMO InvestorLine’s qualified, professional Representatives are also available to assist you, seven days a week.

Your Online Investing Partner

Successful investors understand there is always something new to learn: investor tips, fresh ideas, or a new, insightful opinion. By drawing upon the support tools and resources available at BMO InvestorLine, you have what you need to reach your goals sooner.

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